About Us

Mesker Openings Group is a leader in the commercial door and hardware industry delivering complete solutions with full custom and quick ship capabilities. With over 150 years in the business, Mesker Openings Group is continuously developing its people, its processes and technology to provide the highest level of quality, performance and reliability. With three leading brands in the industry, including Mesker Door, Hollow Metal Xpress and Design Hardware, Mesker Openings Group offers a diversified product offering with an innovative speed-to-market philosophy to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Brands

As an innovator and leader in the industry, Mesker Door is the foundation for all of our brands today. Building upon the expertise, tradition and excellence of Mesker Door, Design Hardware provides the highest quality and best in-field performance to meet all commercial hardware needs. Bringing a focus on speed to market and custom quick ship options, HMX adds a new dimension to our portfolio of brands. 

Our philosophy and focus on speed to market for all of our brands makes a difference for our customers. Now, the opportunity to utilize any of our products across brands, provides our customers a range of solutions to meet any need. And with an endless range of quality products, a focus on speed to market and the highest customer service, our established brands offer the best solutions based on innovation and tradition combined.

Established in 1864, Mesker Door. offers the pinnacle of innovation, craftsmanship and quality for hollow metal doors and frames today. With thousands of quality products, Mesker offers the best in service and has become one of the most recognizable steel door companies in the world.


Hollow Metal Xpress (HMX) is an industry leader in quick ship manufacturing — focusing on precision, expertise, efficiency and speed. Offering the best in custom and project work, HMX is known for its quality and dependability in the commercial door industry.


Design Hardware delivers outstanding field performance with the highest quality selection of commercial door hardware. The emphasis on product development and adding value to industry partners sets Design Hardware apart and offers customers best-in-class service and top-of-the-line products.


Mesker's products are better than what we have found elsewhere. The bends in the metal are crisper and the doors are easy to weld.

Distribution General Manager, Nebraska

HMX is second to none in quality, performance and accuracy. They are always prompt to respond to requests. The price quotes are accurate and competitive. HMX is the leader at our branch for any hollow metal custom requests.

Project Manager, Washington

Design Hardware has a head and shoulder advantage over most hardware manufacturers. They offer good quality and good price points.

Sales Manager, Pennsylvania